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Organic straightening Liss Pure

Looking for a vegan, formaldehyde-free and hair-gentle straightening?

Straightening is an increasingly important service in the Professional Salon. The lack of time to attend to personal and professional aspects without neglecting personal image is the factor that has made the demand for straightening so interestingly rise. Therefore, it is essential to have the service covered with the latest trends in professional straightening.

Until now, developing our creativity and professional expertise faced the dilemma of using professional straighteners with formaldehyde or that end up generating formaldehyde to a greater or lesser degree.

As a professional brand concerned with hair health care, we decided to investigate, to create straightening products that are increasingly respectful of people.

Our concern is focused on avoiding exposure to fumes and odors for both the professional and the client and providing a rewarding experience, with a shorter and more comfortable exposure time.

Thus, we launched Liss Pure, a professional vegetable organic straightening that does not generate smoke, without formaldehyde or methylene glycol, without irritating perfumes and very gentle on the hair.

Its smoothing active is an organic acid naturally present in the human body, glyoxylic acid. It effectively eliminates frizz or frizz and is activated by simply drying your hair.

With a soft amber color and faint odor, glyoxylic acid is part of the organic chemistry required for treatment. Small in size, it penetrates the hair without damaging the structure of the cortex.

It performs the straightening mechanism by means of the acid breaking of weak links between chains (salt, hydrogen and Van der Waals bonds) and the formation of new intermolecular cross links, so it does not modify the structure of the hair and therefore does not attack it. Five minutes using the dryer in a directional way are enough to activate the straightening, obtaining a straight hair but with movement, far from stiff manes and without vitality. The hair looks soft, silky, shiny and highly manageable.


All the products that make up LISS PURE are vegan and with a high percentage of plant ingredients, suitable for any type of hair and scalp, even sensitized ones. Discover them HERE!

Without formaldehyde or methylene glycol. Free of silicones, sulfates or parabens, gluten free and low in perfume. With vegetable keratin derived from pea.

LISS PURE's plant amino protein complex penetrates the hair cortex, strengthening it from the inside, providing film-forming effects to reinforce, lubricate and protect the hair's surface. Reduces the degree of damage that hair suffers from chemical treatments, environmental stress, or aggressive or poorly executed styling practices.

Capture the attention and get the satisfaction of the most demanding clientele, to generate higher tickets in your Salon.

Do you want to know more about our organic straightening?

  • Find out how to use LISS PURE in this short 10 min video that we have created exclusively for the professional (watch the video).
  • Ask us for the Technical Dossier or send us a whatsapp to solve all your questions! (from HERE)

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